Two’s Company

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue.

Keep the Flowers,

I’d rather have shoes..

Two thoughts (in going with the theme of the blog):

  1. Who says shoes aren’t art?! 
  2. If the shoe fits, buy it in every color. 

“Love has reasons, which reason can not understand” – Blaise Pascal.

Not sure he was referring to shoes, but hey,  if the shoe fits… Right? I know I have more shoes than what most people would consider normal (they can eat my shoe). My shoe ‘addiction’ is healthy – it doesn’t add strain on my (or my family’s) financial/ mental wellbeing. Some people choose alcohol; for some, it’s running; for me, it’s the caress, as I slip into a beautifully crafted shoe. Please, please shop responsibly. 



  • Sam Edelman, Delilah d’Orsay Pumps, Modern Ivory. Buy here. I LOVE these!!!
  • If you want this shoe in a dreamy turquoise color, here you go: here

The sling-backs were harder to find (I bought mine a while ago), but here are a couple of places to try your luck – hopefully they’ll have your size in what you’re looking for. 

  • Sam Edelman; Carol Snake Embossed Slingback Pump, Modern Ivory. Buy here
  • Sam Edelman; Carol Snake Embossed Slingback Pump, Modern Ivory. Buy here. I was SHOCKED to see these on Amazon, but here we are..! 
  • Sam Edelman Ola Snake Embossed Slingback Pump, Modern Ivory. Buy here
  • I also absolutely love their Ola Snakeskin embossed pumps, in Bistro/ Marigold.


14th & Union (above). These shoes are VERY comfortable – my dainty dancing go-tos, in nude and black. On Sale-on sale-on sale-on sale here.

Version 2

Franco and Stewart Bauble Platform Sandal. Soooo comfortable (for a 6″ heel). These are ‘amazon princess’ dancing shoes. Buy here, or similar here. Seriously?!! What the bauble! I had no idea Amazon sold cute shoes. 


The ones pictured above are very comfortable, day time or casual evening, spring/ summer shoes; and I always get asked where they’re from. Cue the drum roll…………. Dr. Scholl’s. I kid you not, ladies! They make (some) very pretty platforms. 


Photo Credit: Roo


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