Emoji Dress. Yesss!

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Sandals: Gap. Mine are sold out, but here is a cute pair by Loeffler Randall. This one by Michael Kors is so summery!!!

Sunglasses: J.Crew. Similar here. I think you should get these one with a red frame.

Emoji Dress: here

Emoji leggings: if you don’t want to wear an entire dress with emoji (for reasons I don’t understand!), you try out these leggings (white background. $12.99) or these leggings (dark background, more flattering. $19) for a “pop of fun” in your outfit.

If you’re not a fan of emoji;

  1. What?! Who are you?? 👽
  2. WHY??? 😳  (honestly, I want to know)
  3. You will hate receiving texts from me. 😲
  4. Do not read further. No, really! Close your browser now. 

Coz we’re discussing emoji clothes. Plus, I tried to insert as many emojis in this text as possible. 😋  Back to the dress pictured above – it’s SOOO cute! Totes adorbs. 😍  There are a LOT of sellers out there, but I’m not sure would trust them (ever had a bad online purchase experience?? 😖  ). I bought mine at Amazon. At $26.59, it’s slightly more (but still extreeeemely inexpensive!!) than what you might pay at some other cheap places, but you may get what you pay for – a cheap dress. With Amazon, you’ll have the peace of mind you can always return it (in case you don’t like the material, fit, etc.).

More images below, to illustrate the flow, length, general ‘feel’, etc of the dress. 


So, I have an interesting story to share – I wore my emoji dress to an easter egg party🐰 . I didn’t notice one of the emojis (the one flipping the bird!!😁) until I was getting out of the car. Ummm, yeah. That happened.. At an Easter Egg Hunt.. With kindergarteners.. 😳  Also, the dress is a little on the shorter side, which was all good until the wind picked up.💨 Ummm, yeah. That also happened… 😳  I spent the pretty much the entire afternoon, sitting down or holding on to my dress for dear life. I laughed with the hostess (a dear friend): “Bet you didn’t think you were hosting an egg hunt and a show?”. 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

Stumbled upon this gem, amidst all the crap that’s out there (no pun intended): The Poo Emoji Dress has to be my favorite emoji dress. 💩 💩 💩  Seriously!! Whaaaaaaaaattt?! I’m overjoyed, because it’s elegant, classy, and completely mental!! Kinda like me. 😀  It’s more expensive (at $118) than most emoji dresses you’ll find, but SO worth it; and quality is exceptionally better than anything on the market (definitely better than mine). Plus it’s COVERED IN POO. Hahaha. I absolutely love the humor and seriousness of this dress. If I had found it first, I would have bought this instead.

“Now, if you are a refined woman – a thoughtful, sophisticated woman – for whom form and function are like lovers inexorably intertwined in a sultry garden of orchids at dusk, then, by all means, we invite you to order this turd-covered dress,”

– says the Poo Emoji dress page. It’s designed by Aaron Magness (definitely following him!!). The San Francisco-based clothing company, Betabrand, recently ran a successful crowd-funding campaign for this dress. Here’s their page if you would like to upload your photo for a 10% discount (20% if you’re an existing customer). 

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IMG_9662 (1)

Poo Dress Photos: Betabrand

All other Photos: the husband


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