A Fashion Review of the Tesla 3

Fashion review of the Tesla 3: I’m giving it 5 out of 5 stilettos!

This car is the Birkin of the automotive world. In fact, it’s even more mysterious than the Birkin. Nobody has really seen it, yet everybody wants it.
We reserved “ours” only a few days after the March 31, 2016 launch, so between that and the fact that we live only a few miles from the factory means that we will hopefully get ours while our babies are still babies. But who knows?  In Elon we trust..
1 Reservation
So what do I love about it?  That’s a great question and exactly the one my husband asked me when I first surprised him (maybe ambushed is a better word) with the idea of getting one the day of the launch. After all, for my first car I just wanted something 1) new and 2) with a lot of cupholders – so not exactly a high bar.  But times have changed!  So here goes:
 1. model-3-unveil.0
Well, first I love that it is electric. I don’t like going to the gas station. I don’t like have to get the engine oil changed. I really like our mechanic Phil, but I don’t want to see him that often.
Second, I love the price. It’s a fraction of the Tesla X and yet it is still just as cute (if not cuter).  It’s still pretty pricey if you ask me, but I get that we’ll be getting a whole lot of technology.
Third, I’m in a phase where I’m trying to reduce the clutter in our lives. We are planning to reduce from 3 cars (now taking offers) to this one, and this seems the best of all words. Since my husband is now taking a bike to the train, and then walking to the office each day in SF, he doesn’t need a car. So eventually our trusty Honda SUV filled with memories and ground up cheerios (and a lot of other mystery food stains) will be gone. So will my husband’s Mercedes with the AMG style package. And last but not least, his old Corvette. This may be the hardest of all to say goodbye to–Two tone silver paint job for the Corvette’s 25th silver anniversary, working 8 track player (Whatever that is!), T top roof and glass back. That car is a total pheromone machine. If you don’t like attention, you definitely don’t want that car.  In some ways, the Tesla 3 is like all those cars put together.  Sexy, but practical. Fun, but not outrageous. Dependable, but not boring.
Fourth, the car has a certain style. I can relate to it. Who knows if I will actually get to choose colors and interiors and accents, but I love what I saw in the showroom.
 1 2016-04-09 14.43.47
Lastly, the car has “It!” The It! is the hard to define, the X factor that makes something desirable.  My favorite black cocktail dress has It!  My LV bag has It!  My favorite heel(s) have It!  The Tesla 3 has It!  I want It!  (and I seriously hope It! has a decent amount of cup holders). I’m not really into “Ludicrous” speed or normal car stuff – boring!, if you ask me, but Ludicrous will make my husband happy.  The Tesla 3 is less a car and more a lifestyle choice.  It has It!  .
Here are some photos of us checking out the X from the big day when we ordered the car at their showroom in Palo Alto (there was a lot of goofing around!! Lol).

1 2016-04-09 14.07.17

1 2016-04-09 14.08.12

Tights: Kate Spade
Shoes: Coach
Car pic: Tesla website

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