The Spark is ignited: Ultra-marathon

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” – John Bingham

During one of my training runs

April 15, 2016: Today, I decided to run an ultra marathon. About two years ago, I met someone, with a heart of gold, who had run ultras, and it sparked a desire to push myself to achieve the unachievable (at least to me). Today, I’m volunteering at an aid station at the Ruth Anderson Memorial Endurance Run. Seeing dozens of distance runners do this ~4 mile loop around the gorgeous Lake Merced in San Francisco, and keep going, really changed something inside me! “They’re just people, some running, some struggling,  but they all kept going”, I thought to my self.

I shared this with dear friend and ultra marathoner himself, RP (who was the race director for this run, and is my running god), and he said, you can absolutely do it! “What do you think about a marathon?”. “It’s totally doable!”, thinking “a million people run marathons each year.What’s the big deal?!!”. “There you go, if you do a marathon, you’ve already done 26.2 miles, a 50K is only 4.8 miles more. (did he say only ~5 miles??). It’s definitely achievable”. There you have it – I’M DOING AN ULTRA MARATHON!!

Here’s where Rooism totally kicks in. I don’t see a half marathon as impossible, so why not just get on with it and do a full marathon? And if I’m doing a full, might as well just got a bit further and it will be an Ultramarathon. That would be fabulous. And I’m fabulous (we all are!!). So let’s do it!  Let’s not let practical things like a lack of experience or training spoil a great idea or a bit of fabulousness. Total Rooism logic!


That’s mud on my face (pic above). After running 10 mi for the first time in my life, on a rainy, wet trail – I felt a bit like a warrior. This was my warrior paint.


After a 7 mi run on a hot, hot day! (pic above). I think the shirt says it all..




One thought on “The Spark is ignited: Ultra-marathon

  1. LOVE IT!!!!! You look MARVELOUS!!! I KNOW the family is VERY proud of you! Look at them muscles!!! Be sure to eat your spinach, now! Have you posted your folks too? I’ll be they’re just so PROUD of you!!! Love n kisses, Mom

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