Michelin starred restaurant – Omakase. Oh My God! (Bonus: glitter pumps)

Hakkaku – Winged Dragon Fish

It all started when my husband told me that he saw a reservation for Omakase for our regular Friday night date night in San Francisco.   He knows that I absolutely worship Asian food – Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Malay, Indian (of course).  Bring it on!  But Omakase was apparently not just regular Japanese food (which I love, did I mention that?), but this is a Michelin star restaurant!  I felt the thrill of excitement. The headline of the visit is that it definitely lived up to its billing – the food was amazing and we had one of the funnest date nights ever.

We got there early to not miss even a minute of the experience. Too early in fact, so we decided to wander the neighborhood occupied by Zynga, Adobe and Salesforce.  Turns out Omakase is also located in a furniture design district, so we wandered around the fancy showrooms.  I barely got out of their with my checkbook intact (I’ll be back).

Love the sofa!!

Jeans: H&M $30!! 

Shirt: old, but here are two TOP recommendations: Vivienne Westwood and by Religion

Shoes: I love me some sparkles!! Badgley Mischka Pumps for under $200!! Another great option by Badgley Mischka for $125. Of course I’m going to give you more than two options in gold glitter shoes!! Here’s MY FAVE by Kate Spade almost 50% off at $222. And last, but certainly not the least, this sparkly number by Christian Louboutin for $675, ladies!!

SunglassesKate Spade; on sale for $77!!

So enter Omakase!  It’s a wonderfully small and intimate setting with Euro club lounge music playing in the background.  Two small tables with the rest of the chairs around the sushi bar.  We were stationed at the bar in front of the genius chef Tora, my new best friend (NBF).  Before we even got settled the people next to us ordered the Hakkuku, Dragon Fish.  The presentation was extraordinary with the wings of this magnificent fish, flying in spectacular wheel above an ice mountain, decorated on the south side with sushi and roe.  I had to have it.  So have it I did.  The presentation turned out to be a bit better than my preference for sashimi as I tend not to like the tougher meat but it was an extraordinary way to get the party started.  

I got the sake pairing. Summer (our guide) kept the wine flowing in the most beautiful sake cups and carafes.  (I have to have them). Maybe it was the sake or the wonderful sushi or the atmosphere or maybe my amazing husband or my NBF Tora, but I was having an amazing time.  We couldn’t stop laughing and having a good time even if we tried. Sometimes, fancy sushi places are so quiet and subdued, but Tora made it fun.  

It all started when I was videoing his impeccable preparation skills, and he photo bombed his own video by scrunching down to smile by his hands. From there it started… By the end of the night I was behind the sushi bar with Tora and the gang.   

And yeah, the sushi was amazing. I’m no Michael Bauer (I LOVE you), so I can’t do the food justice by my review, but suffice it to say that it was amongst the best I’ve ever had. Through sake induced happiness, I clearly remember one sushi plate that was so tenderly cooked it had the most delicate and delicious crust.  It was both warm, and cool and tasty. I also loved the sushi plate that was blow torched right before my very eyes.

What truly made my night was when my husband told me (after we left) that he overheard one of  the next wave of guests for the later sitting ask – Can the fun girl stay with us? 

Love it! Rooism to the max.  

Omakase, I love you.

Tora, I love you even more.







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