On cloud nine.. with these scrumptious shoes!

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list – Susan Sontag.
Finally getting around to posting on my flight to India..
Altitude: 36,000 feet
Outside temprature: -40C
Ground speed: 556 mph
LON: 22.55N
LAT: 96.38 E
Hello from 36,000 feet – my first ever post from the clouds.
 I’m on my way to a 4-week long trip to India with my two daughters – I’m a little nervous about Delhi summer heat, but VERY excited to see family and friends. Since shoes soar my spirits like nothing else, I thought it fitting to write about my current favorite shoe from right here, in the sky. 🙂
Photo: Christine Robin Photography

I absolutely love this shoe – it’s a ‘perfect 10’ in my books – stunning and comfortable!!!. If you know me (even a little), you know of my obsession with shoes in general. I’m buying this in EVERY color!!! Let me know what you think of this baby.. 

Traveling is my other love. If I hadn’t ended up on the path I did, I would have been a travel blogger. I love everything about traveling; busses, rickshaws, airports, airplanes, watching take offs and landings, aircraft connections, time spent at duty free shops at connections. I love the hurried pace at airports as much as I love the laid back traveling while backpacking.
I even love the unpleasant aspects of flying – the jet lag, the time difference. For eg, right now, it’s 1:21 am in Narita (departure city), 9:15 pm in Delhi (arrival city), and 8:45 am in California (my home). And that’s SO exciting to me – I get to choose which time zone I identify with, plus I just time travelled!!!!! Amazeballs. Totally exciting. Another example, connections. To me, a connection usually implies that I’m going very far away that a direct flight just isn’t possible, or to a place so exotic/ remote, you need “planes, trains, and automobiles” to get there.. Definite reason to rejoice. OR, it means i’m saving some serious $$$ (since flying direct is usually more expensive).
I could have flown SFO-DEL non-stop for an additional $1K. But I decided to use that for extra shopping bonus (which I already spent; in shoes :-P).. I could have shaved 4 hours off my travel time, and I will admit it was a little hard (a couple of times) to manage with a 6 and 8 yr old, navigating through multiple airports, securities scans, walking between gates, wait times, getting on and off planes, settling down each time (with our books, games, electronics, snacks), etc. Phew. But we survived, and quite happily. We got to eat at Ramen place in TOKYO!!! Yes, it’s only just the airport, but I’ve been to Tokyo several times before, and this ramen was equivalent to any good “local favorite” ramen joint I’ve eaten at. 
Because of choosing this route, my daughters and I got to eat ramen in Tokyo, and I got new shoes. Cha-ching. Win-Win!
My other favorite thing about traveling is meeting people from all walks of life, people who’re confined in a giant metal pill box, somewhat forced to speak (at least in my perspective. I know some people prefer to travel in solitude), as they stretch near galleys and aircraft doors. I also love speaking with the crew – I have never met 2 people with the same story of love for flying, and it’s rewarding learning about theirs. And they always take care of you, even if it’s in a small way. Today it was chocolates, a cheese platter, wine from first class (and not in a plastic tumbler – such a treat, thank you!). 
PS: more on my trip coming sooooon. xo
Off for 4 weeks; with a LOT of luggage!
Nothing better than junk food on a plane!
Candy and screen time!
Score! First class treats
Coolest plane (ANA)
All I need on a flight: a movie, ice cream, hydration, and wine (of course!)
Photo Credit: the amazingly talented Christine Robin Photography
Airport/ Airplane pictures: husband/ me

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