Superhero clothes!

I’m not saying I’m Wonder Woman. I’m just saying no one has seen me and Wonder Woman in the same room.” – said someone so perfectly. PS: The burden of proof (or proving otherwise) is on the disbeliever. 

Some days I fell like a superhero, other days, I don’t. I definitely feel like a superhero when I put on this dress in the picture. I love it. And maybe you will too. {Update: Except for the fact it is now sold out.  I can see why!}. 

I’m not saying “you should aspire to be superwoman”. No! That’s not what I’m saying at all. What I am saying is that you already are. You are enough, you are everything. You are super! That’s the thing to remember. Regardless of whether you’ve conquered your day, or are struggling with dinner at 7 pm, and the kids are running amuck like hungry hornets– you are awesome.  Repeat after me! 

Here’s an example from last night. Background: our housekeeper had a family matter to attend to, so she has been away for a couple of weeks, and I’m battling with a MOUNTAIN of clean, unfolded laundry. It takes great strength and fortitude to sit next to 4 loads of laundry and watch TV/ read a book like it’s a long-time friend.  I find it helpful to name the pile each time.  This monster pile of laundry is called Mr Midnight Sparkle. The taller the he gets, the more more accomplished I feel. I could easily beat myself over not folding and putting it away, or I could celebrate that my family has clean clothes (sitting on a couch next to me). It’s all about perspective. Right now, I’m enjoying Sherlock Homes, a glass of wine, yummy cheese, hanging with my husband and my new best friend, Mr. Midnight Sparkle. And boy does our family room smell nice..!

Dress: Hemet pleated dress is my super favorite. Here’s a black and white option I think is super adorable! This full sleeves Batwoman one is super cute. In fact, they’re all Super! (get it? super? :-P)

Leggings: If you don’t want to go ‘all out’, but still want to explore this crazy, fun comic-book, graphic/ pop-art craze, you can ease into it with these leggings options: My absolute favorite (!!!) is by Alexandra Collections. They have a couple of options here, like Pikachu and Alice in Wonderland. 

Handbag: Anthropologie, sold out, but I have some great options for you. What can I say, their stuff goes out fast! Another reason you should get this one, if they catches your fancy: Olieve Mallory Saddle Crossbody. Here are my other TOP finds for you: Chloé Marcie bag for $550! Barneys NY Hayden saddle bag for $159. Sophie Hulme Barnsbury saddle bag has clean lines, and looks like a piece of art.

ShoesKenneth Cole Reaction. Buy here (black, navy, nude), or here (black & navy patent)

LipstickYves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture. 

Earrings: old, but here’s a stunning pair by Lisa Freede for $70 at Neiman Marcus. 


PC: Christine Robin Photography 


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