Adventure Time Leggings

You don’t need a mirror to know you look good” – Finn (from Adventure Time TV series)

I adore animation and animation inspired clothing. I love that they add a whimsy and (sometimes) much needed laughter in our lives. Below are some superb leggings options for you!!


Leggings: on sale by Amoluv for $12, originally $41. Fits S-M sizes. They have MANY cute and funky patterns. CocoLeggings has an incredible amount of adorable designs too. S-L size. These Planet Vandy Hello Kitty leggings are very cute! They’re black base, so even more flattering. Fine Art graduate, Alice Vandy is the creator of Planet Vandy. I love her quirky, yet functional style! 

Denim Shirt: Levi’s Classic Western shirt “is fitted in the shoulder, with a body slightly curved for subtle waist definition” – Levis ($70 from Levi’s). Levi’s Vintage Denim Shirt is slightly darker wash, and is also comes with a feminine finish ($35 on sale at Macy’s). Pair these shirt with a polka dot flair skirt!

Wedges: Steve Madden Keviee Sandal has the unique combination of comfortable and high (5″ heel). But being a wedge, it’s stable and easy everyday casual. I wear mine with jeans quite a bit. 

Tank: Old Navy Fitted Layering Tank for $5, and in comes in a TON of colors.I’m not a fan of buttoning up my denim shirt all the way up, and tanks enable me to do that. Also love this Old Navy Curved-Hem Space-Dye Tan comes in heather greay only, but it’s $3.97!!! 

LipstickGivenchy Beauty’s ‘Fuchsia Irrésistible’. It is enriched with hydrating and smoothing Beeswax. It has a creamy feel and a matt finish. 

Necklace: J.Crew Flower Burst  necklace adds a nice pop of color. I also like to pair it with a crisp white shirt/ tee for an instant ‘dress me up’.





Photos by: My beautiful friend Sahana. Love you, darling!


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