Pink Feminism

Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” – G.D. Anderson

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It was at a beautiful, late summer balmy evening, and I meet a friend’s 3 yr sweet daughter for the first time. She was all dressed up; in her poofy dress, a giant pink bow in her wispy blond locks, frilly sox with patent leather Mary Janes – I mean the works. As we finished show-and-tell of reciting colors and numbers, my friend said how frustrated he is with ‘frocks’ and ‘pink’ and all the ‘girly stuff’. “I just want her to be intelligent and strong. Enough with pink. Ugh”. 

As I stood there, completely speechless, I thought to myself — why is pink synonymous with ‘weak’ (in this day and age!!)?? Why is ‘girly’ such a disqualification?? Why does my dress hold more weight that my brain? And why is my intelligence viewed inversely proportionate to my appearance? I’m stunning. So are lots and lots and lots of followers of my blog (I love you all)! — Wait a minute, wait a minute, folks. Let me clarify a little: I’m stunning because I finally believe I’m stunning. It took me nearly 3 decades of being on this planet to be proud of the way I put myself together, the way I conduct myself, and finally embrace all the madness that is me. And puh-leez don’t get me wrong — I’m chubbier, wrinklier, grey-er that you might imagine (I could go on..). But finally I can walk around without giving a damn about anyone or their negativity!

Does taking care of one’s appearance really imply that one is stupid, with nothing else to contribute to the world?

I’ve experienced chauvinism too many times to count (we all have, I’m sure), sometimes with men, sometimes even women. I think that needs to change. Stat. It’s not just the workplace where (some) people see you as only pretty, but the (occasional) mom at the park that judges you for not ‘letting yourself go’. Example: “she must be a selfish person, there’s no way she can be a good mom and look like that. All she cares about is herself/ how she looks”. 

As a woman, I can wear pink if I want.  So can little girls.  And boys too for that matter! It is just a color.

I’m wearing something pink all this week. Please join me. Below are (more than) a few options for every occasion:

  • Work dressLela RoseAlfred Sung.Vince CamutoPaper Dolls in hot pink is bright and bold, and my fave, aaaand on sale. Don’t be afraid to be noticed. Us women (across cultures) are taught to be invisible, the unsung hero. Enough. We have arrived and we will take our share of the world. Mike drop.
  • Shirt (casual + work): ModClothModCloth. Piped Ruffle Bouse. Ruffled Mock-neck Bouse at New York & Co. (stunning!! And on sale for $28). Pink embellished trim blouse
  • Picnic with the kids: by Asos is ALL lace and all romantic.
  • Errands about town: Pair this Asos dress with your fave converse. LOVE!
  • Cocktail dress: at ModCloth (on sale for $60) is beyond adorable and ultra feminine. I love love love it. this one at ModCloth is best described in one word: dreamy (plus in sale for $55). You. Must. Get. It!
  • Dinner with girlfriends: Asos is sooo sexy and another one of my favorites!!!
  • Opera: by Alfred Sung is oh-so-glamourous and a steal at ~$200. Plan a date with your girlfriends/ someone you like. Dress up. Let’s show the world we’re a force to be reckoned with.
  • Coat: by Topshop (at Nordstrom) is $130!!! And my ultimate gift to you is this find: The San Francisco Sweetheart Coat is described as “You’re enamored by the bay, smitten by the Mission, and all about SoMa, and in this petal pink trench coat from Jack by BB Dakota, you plan to take em all on!“. And it’s $90!!! Whaaa??!!

This list took me a long time to compile, but this topic is close to my heart, and so the process was very worth it. Hope you enjoy it, and pleeeeease send me pics of your pink outfits!



ps. I also love the singer Pink.  She is a total bad-ass and I lover her in every way.

Photo courtesy of: Christine Robin Photography

Kids pics: me on my iPhone



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