Love letter to my handbag. Dear LV,….

“True friends are never apart. Maybe in distance, but never in heart” ― Helen Keller


Photo Courtesy: Christine Robin Photography

Handbag: Louis Vuitton Brea GM; Monogram Vernis Leather. Patent leather, easy to wipe clean, large – this is the perfect carry-all. On LV’s site. It’s definitely a statement piece!!

Dress: One of my best friends, who lives in Stockholm, Sweden, got me this one from Indiska, a Swedish brand with a fascinating history!! I miss her and think of here every single time I wear this. It’s a stunning dress and it floods my brain with happy thoughts. I’ve found a couple similar ones, closer to home: Lilly Pulitzer for $178. This amazing swing dress by 5twelve on sale for $62.30. This one by Wild Pearl is for $32, and comes in blk, navy, and orange inca (I highly recommend the inca).

LipstickGivenchy Beauty’s ‘Fuchsia Irrésistible’. It is enriched with hydrating and smoothing Beeswax. It has a creamy feel and a matt finish. And I love this color!!

Stacking Rings: old. Similar – by BP for $15 at Nordstrom is WOW. Lulu Frost “Jackie” ring is another show stopper. Check them out!

Now for the love letter to my LV:

Dear Brea,

You’re like one of my trusted friends. Like them, I can unburden my crap onto you, while I battle the world. You never complain about carrying my goods (and ‘bad’) – you do it with such grace and poise. Thank you for always handing me a tissue when I need a good cry, and for sometimes carrying my hip flask for an impromptu party. And for the lipstick when I need a quick touch up right before I’m about to see the man of my dreams.

I can look at your from across the room and know you’ll guard my secrets with your life. In fact, our shared secrets and experiences make me smile when we’re apart. And you know what, they’ll make for excellent stories when we’re older. You inspire and show me how to stand tall when life kicks you down (sometimes it’s my kids – I’m sorry!). Thank you for always brightening my look. I always look and feel better with you by my side. I’m also more cheerful with you on my arm, and laugh more with you near by.

We share our losses and laughter together. Like my best friends, your support is unfailing and constant, you make me SO happy, and I’m grateful for you.



PS: I’m emotional now, and will call my friends to tell them how much I love them.



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