Typos… & the clothes that inspire my typos

Veri, a long time ago!


“Life is like a typographical error: we’re constantly writing and rewriting things over each other.” – Bret Easton Ellis.s

I’m sorry!! I’m sorry that I subject you to typos. It’s the way I am. My focus is on Rooism itself–the fun, the philosophy, the fashion– and, as you’ve come to know it, not the grammar. I would rather drink bubbly and laugh with friends than pull my hair out at the keyboard.

My husband tries to cheer me up that English isn’t my first language. And that everyone makes mistakes. I try and remind myself that. But seriously, what’s wrong with me?  Anyone else have trouble with typos or am I alone on this??  🙂

Maybe one day Rooism will be able to afford a proofreader!! But for now you are stuck with me.  And I LOVE YOU!!

What I’m wearing while I shoot out typos? Here’s a sneak peak:


Dress: old; similar: by Milly effortless, timeless, and on sale – need I say more?!! This shirt-dress by Bobi is the ultimate comfortable striped dress (on sale for $36. Whaat?). Dress down with a denim jacket, or up with a scarf/ statement necklace.

Glitter Pumps: by Jimmy Choo ‘Romy’. Here’s another great option by MICHAEL Michael Kors ($99!). Or Jessica Simpson Claudette pumps for $23.70 (70% off!!!).

Coat: I love mywhite coats – yes, I have multiple white coats; different for different occasions/ temperatures. Cotton, wool, down, etc. See, it’s not illogical at all. Here are my top finds for you: Akris Punto wool coat is dreamy and luxurious; at Saks Fifth Avenue. Via Spiga Asymmetrical Walker Coat is most definitely on my list, and on sale at Macy’s. This Walker Coat by Kristen Blake is a wool blend, and on sale for $199 at Nordstrom.

Handbag: I love Crossbody bags. Like love! My favorite thing about them is that they’re hands free. Free to shop, free to catch your child off the monkey bar, free to dance. Here are 2 similar ones: Anthropologie Cooper and this reversible (!!!) bag by Remi and Reid, also available at Anthro.

Scarf: I loooooove scarves. Silk scarves are my favorite. They’re timeless, and completely change your outfit. Similar ones by J.Mclaughlin Antibes Tulip and Sienna Paisley. Even cotton ones completely change your look. Like this one by La Fiorentina (at Nordstrom).

“Time travel is awesome….And useful. That sentence had a typo when I typed it…The first time.” – Craig Benzine


2 thoughts on “Typos… & the clothes that inspire my typos

  1. Not sure you got my reply at the end of the page: Take heart, Toots!!! You ain’t the ONLY one!!! Except mine occur at the brain level and just HOW does one cover that, I’d like to know?????? Love, Mom


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