Love Letter: the People’s Barber, Roberto

“You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort and money into training, grooming, and encouraging your greatest asset.” – Tom Hopkins

Eddy in the movie Barbershop–“In my day, a barber was a counselor. He was a fashion expert. A style coach. Pimp. Just general all-around hustler. But the problem with y’all cats today, is that you got no skill…”

Dear Roberto & the People’s Barber,

Thanks for taking care of my man.  He looks forward to that haircut and razor shave with you each month. There is something so incredibly grounding about those old fashion razor shaves. Man, does he look good after seeing you.


Roberto teaching core strength before the haircut begins

But even more important than just appearance, your conversations open his mind up to things he doesn’t talk about a whole lot. You talk about men’s health. You talk about yoga and meditation. You talk about spirituality. You talk about fitness. And god only knows what else. I know he looks forward to the conversations and thinks about them afterwards.


Check out that hair!!!

You get his mind off work for that hour he sits in the chair. I know there is a bit more spring in his step on the way back to the office than on the way there.

Thanks to you, he’s a bit more careful about sunblock.  I nearly fell over when he moisturized his skin for the first time, so in another 10 years his skin doesn’t look like one of my old handbags.

And thanks to the People’s Barber.  Your shop is cool! It’s like a bar and a club and a bit of history with those gorgeous wooden floors and old chairs all wrapped into one.  It’s not just a barbershop, it’s an experience.

Roberto, thank you for making my man happy.  I look forward to meeting you one day.

Love Roo


Roberto is his element!

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