You light up my world

“Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.” – Aberjhani.

I recently started a daily gratitude journal. Listing things that give me joy – family, friends, goodwill, art, music, museums, coffee, wine, food, cheese, shoes, clothes, etc, etc. I’m talking about true and absolute, this-moment-is-everything kind of joy. Like mindful meditation type of joy. It can be deep or shallow. Minuscule or monumental.

It’s a place for little things, like the amazing latte I had with a friend; or meaningful ones like holding my baby’s hand while walking back from school – everyday things, or ones you NEVER want to forget. EVER. Like when you’re so ‘in the moment’ when you look at your sleeping child – and you feel like your heart will explode kind of joy. But you know what sometimes, kids are obnoxious (big surprise! They’re kids being kids).. then I look for beauty in wine, or a beautiful block of Triple-Crème Bree, or my shoes/ clothes.. I will literally go to my room for a mommy-timeout (with out without a glass of wine :-)) and open my closet or a drawer and feel the different fabrics. I re-fold ALL my (~80 some) scarves that I’ve collected over the past decade and a half, and reminisce when I got them, what country I got them in, think about the moments (the lunches/ coffees/ museums) before or after I made that purchase. Suddenly, I’m in Istanbul, or Paris, or Tokyo, on a beach in Honduras, or anywhere… I’m in heaven.

This is dress is one of those therapeutic moments for me. It’s beauty is breathtaking. Tommy Hilfiger metallic print jacquard dress at Macy’s or Lord & Taylor.

Shoes (Pumps)Valentino Rockstud T-strap Pump.

Shoes (Flats)Valentino Rockstud Ballerina Flat.

Bag: Valentino Amy leather bag in ‘Bread‘ and in ‘Almond‘. Pink is sold out.

Ring: gift from mom. The Ava Diamond Disk by Monica Vinader looks exactly like the one I own (Total diamond weight: 0.35ct.). I LOVE THIS RING!!!


PCChristine Robin Photography


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