Palace of Fine Arts

“Be your own palace, or the world is your jail” – John Donne.    

I believe there’s a palace and a jail in each of us, and it’s up to us to choose where we’re going to live.. There’s beauty in everything and everyone around us, and it’s entirely up to us to recognize and appreciate it, or completely ignore it.

I’m super excited to go to an exhibition Talk To Me at Creative Growth tonight (Mar 3, 2017). Here’s an article about them in New York Times. They do phenomenal work, and I’m thrilled to go to this exhibit (Mar 3-Apr 14, 2017). I’ll be sure to report back on my experience. I was introduced to this amazing studio last night by a good friend at 386M, non-profit gallery where they show case art, street art, and documentaries. They hosted an exhibition celebrating two artist’s invitation to the 57th International Exhibition at Venice Biennale. WOW.

Happy Friday!!



Dress: similar by Needle & ThreadIngearand (kinda similar, but amazing one) by Solace London.

Flats: JCrew, similar by Sophia Webster, Bettye MullerGiorgio ArmaniMegan HessTory Burch, and Mix No. 6.

Earrings: gifted, similar by Allen SchwartzMiguel AsesBHLDN, and Asos,

PCChristine Robin Photography


4 thoughts on “Palace of Fine Arts

    1. This old brain isn’t quite sure what is required, but I DO, repeat DO want to follow all Rooisms – past and future, please? Murky buckets, as Brad Sweeney used to say (merci beaucoup). Please mark me down that way? Thanx! Love, Catherine


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