International Woman’s Day

“I am a Woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal Woman, that’s me.” ―Maya Angelou.     

I kinda struggled with this post. I wasn’t sure if I should celebrate that someone decided to dedicate ONE day of the year to 49.6% of the population, or just take the opportunity to honor my tribe, my sisterhood. While we have a long battle ahead of us in terms of women’s equality and rights, today, I chose to focus on the latter. And once I started, words (and tears) came pouring out..

In particular, I want to focus and honor THE most extraordinary woman I know, someone I cherish and admire the most in the world: my mother. She gave me life, values, the courage to challenge these values (when I disagree with them). She’s the reason I am who I am. She’s amazing. She literally amazes me. All of her: her patience, her strength, her humility, her kindness, her sense of humor, her zest of life, her unimaginable energy, her passion for family and friends, her work ethic, her courage, her culinary skills, her creativity, her beauty, her badass-ness, her grace, and her unwavering LOVE.

I have to admit, I’m not the best daughter – I don’t call often, sometimes for many weeks, I disagree ‘too’ much, and have a different value system, which perhaps makes me seem distant and alien. I was always (still am) a rebel. It’s in my nature, I don’t know how else to be..

But I love you, mom; and you’re always on my mind. Even when I mean to call you and don’t. When I say I’ll call grandma or an aunt, and don’t. Or when promise to enroll my kid in piano lessons, and don’t. I really mean to, but let myself get distracted by my young kids, dishes in the sink, homework, countless pick ups and drop offs, work, …by life. I’m sometimes overwhelmed by all that’s going on around me, and I lose myself in the ‘now’.

I suppose I could gather my perspective in life and give it a good ‘ol dusting. To let ‘stuff’ slide, because, although it may seem urgent and time sensitive, and even imperative at times.., ‘stuff’ isn’t as important as love or life; life you gave me. So, I’m sorry for all the times I’m not an impeccable daughter. My life is richer and happier because of you, and I salute you – today and every single day – with every living, breathing moment of my life.

With all my love,



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