Gingham Love

17880718_10155917551193368_3479516425564186331_o“It doesn’t matter how elegant, how drop-dead gorgeous, how accurately polite you are, if you are always discontent. Happiness… Smiles and laughter… These will make you more beautiful and likable than any amount of proper etiquette or expensive clothing.” – unknown

Now there’s a quote to start your week! This dress made me happy. Not in the sense that “I need this dress in order to be happy”, but more, “I didn’t have to think about what I’m wearing, I didn’t put effort into the outfit, and yet, it looks fabulous”. Casual, chic, and so comfortable! Plus, it gave me an instant pick-me-up. Kinda like my morning coffee. Now that I have my coffee in hand, I can deal with my meeting/ lunch with a friend/ pick up kids/ or whatever, or deal with my current discontentment. There – happiness. 🙂

Dress: Zara. Similar: at AsosBooHooMaison JulesBrooks Brothers, and another one by BooHoo.

Shoes: Similar: Kenneth ColeStuart Weitzman.

Nail Polish: by Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, Aqua Chakra.

Earrings: 14 Kt Yellow Gold Freshwater Pearl Stud for $50 from Lord & Taylor. That’s amazing!



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