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Roo experienced her true calling to fashion when she started her tailored-fitting for the famous, Pierre Balmain-designed, Singapore Airlines Sarong-Kebaya. There was something about the measurements, the process, and the transformation that clicked with her inner fashionista. The precise dress fitting was followed by lessons in makeup techniques and maintaining one’s appearance. After being professionally styled, primped, and pampered, Singapore Airlines sent that young woman in the magical uniform to the fashion capitals of the world–Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Tokyo, Zurich, and Rome (with side trips to Milan, of course). While her peers were in their rooms chatting away, Roo spent every minute out on the town. To her, sleep was overrated. She spent her waking moments studying styles, visiting Haute Couture stores, Souqs, Hawker Centers, and malls. Hours, days, months, years were spent shopping, talking to designers & salespeople to learn the business and just have fun. She absorbs international cultures and has a knack for learning languages and meeting people.

Roo’s path to Rooism started very early in life. Her oldest and fondest memories were tagging along with her mother visiting the Sari shops where she was able to run and play amongst endless bolts of linens and silk fabrics shouting bright colors. India is an explosive release of color and texture- plus a whole lot of laughter, yelling, and cows mixed in. The dress shops in India built the earliest foundations for Rooism, but she is far from just a promoter of all things Indian; that’s just where it began. Roo loves marrying East with West, conservative with edgy, classic with avant-garde, comfortable with dramatic, to create an unmistakably beautiful vision of you.

Fast forward to now (and literally thousands of shoes and handbags later), Roo is living her dream of fusing her love of fashion with her extroverted personality and her passion for making a meaningful connection with people and improving their lives. She infuses her projects, whether they’re individual or a commercial, with fun, energy and professionalism. The Roo experience is not just about clothes, it’s about self-empowerment, style, and living one’s own authentic lifestyle.

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Photo Credit: Christine Robin Photography