I don’t get drunk, I get Awesome-er

"Yoga class?? I thought you said pour a glass". **skedaddles like a bat out of hell** Everyone should have a local watering hole!! ..Whether you're a coffee lover, obsessed with your bubble tea (like me; OBSESSED), or you have alcohol in mind. It's a place where you connect with people, gather with friends and your community; where you know the owners, and/or servers… Continue reading I don’t get drunk, I get Awesome-er


Emoji Dress. Yesss!

Sandals: Gap. Mine are sold out, but here is a cute pair by Loeffler Randall. This one by Michael Kors is so summery!!! Sunglasses: J.Crew. Similar here. I think you should get these one with a red frame. Emoji Dress: here Emoji leggings: if you don't want to wear an entire dress with emoji (for reasons I don't understand!), you try… Continue reading Emoji Dress. Yesss!

Two’s Company

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. Keep the Flowers, I'd rather have shoes.. Two thoughts (in going with the theme of the blog): Who says shoes aren't art?!  If the shoe fits, buy it in every color.  "Love has reasons, which reason can not understand" - Blaise Pascal. Not sure he was referring to shoes, but… Continue reading Two’s Company

Les Lunes – OOTD

Women are magnificent creatures. Strong ones, gentle ones, home makers, working women - all change the world in their own way. They are the very creators of humanity; the reason we all exist and thrive. One such amazing woman (and friend) started an extraordinary clothing line, called Les Lunes. It's ultra luxurious, uber soft clothing made… Continue reading Les Lunes – OOTD

Crafts and Cocktails

Last month, I heard about crafts and cocktail party from my totally-hipster friend, Jak; and I’ve wanted to throw one since. What happened last weekend was even better (than throwing the party) - I got invited to one! My pièce de résistance was “Stuffed Naan”. Recipe (waaaay) below. Here are some pictures from that day,… Continue reading Crafts and Cocktails